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Troop #72's Junior Members


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Movin' On Up!

We have done it! We bridged to Juniors at the Girl Scout 1st National Headquarters in Savannah, Georgia in June. The rain stayed off long enough for us to hold our ceremony in the courtyard behind HQ. We had a wonderful trip and have a lot of memories to cherish forever.

We have 7 members so far and are hoping to add a new girl who just moved to town. We love our troop so much, we want others to share in the fun!

We have plans to earn our Sign of the Rainbow this year and do work toward a couple of the other signs, that is if we can fit it into our busy schedule. We only meet twice a month but get a lot done in that time, not to mention extra curricular meetings.

We love to travel, camp, and just be together. Ms. Kristy says we are a totally different group of girls than the Cadettes. Sometimes that worries us, but she still leads us and has a good time doing it so it must be a good thing that she is telling us.

We are really excited about getting rolling on our Junior Girl Scout achievments. We know that they will be a little more difficult but we are willing to try.

Troop #72 Juniors

Last updated Aug 1999