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Savannah Bound! Come heat and broken down car.

The second week of June we set out on our yearly pilgrimage to Savannah, Gearigia. We were so excited about getting to visit the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace and a number of other spots in Savannah. Little did we know that an angel was waiting for us!

We lost the water pump on one of our cars in Swainsboro, 90 miles from our destination. We called 911 and waited for an officer. No one came. We waited on the highway for an hour before a UPS driver, heading home for the day, stopped and got off his truck. He had the biggest set of wings you've ever seen. He replaced the water pump and serpentine belt for just the cost of the parts. All he would take was a picture with the girls.

We made it to Savannah at about midnight and had a great weekend. We got home safely without any other mishaps. We took our film in to be developed and when we got the pictures back there was no group shot in front of the car with our "angel". I believe we were well taken care of by this gentleman and the man upstairs. Maybe the reason for no developed shot!!!!!!!!

What We Did in Savannah

Savannah Safari Hike

A booklet directs you around the historic district discovering animals and plants in the architecture.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

The childhood home of the founder of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Many pieces of art created by Juliette and family heirlooms are displayed.

Gordon Low Home

The home of Juliette and her husband during her adulthood. The carriage house in the back became the Girl Scouts first National Headquarters.

Tybee Island

Climbed the lighthouse and walked the beach.

Skydaway Island

Toured the Univsity of Georgia Aquarium. Worked on the GSC of Savannah Coastal Geargia patch.

River Walk

Watched candlemaking and ate at the Riverhouse Resturant.

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