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Thinking Day Service Project

We celebrated Thinking Day by joining in the international service project "Service is Blooming". We donated "formerly loved" stuffed animals to the local police department. They in turn had them cleaned and bagged at a local dry cleaners and then split the toys up between the officer's cruisers. The officers will use them for children in crisis at a scene they have to cover.

We covered GS cookie boxes with floral paper to keep in line with the "blooming" part of the service project. We ended up with over 12 boxes over flowing! The girls in turn received a tour of the old jail and the police station.

The girls felt so good about this project that it has spurred more ideas for more service projects.....

Past service projects we have done:

- Donated papers, blankets, bleach and food to the local animal shelter.

- Donated towels to the kitchen at our Council's camp.

- Filled stockings and gave to children at the local shelter for abused women.

- Made and hung bird feeders at camp.

Service projects we are working on and hope to do:

- Donate school supplies to the children at the local battered women's shelter.

- Make quilts for children going through severe therapies at St. Jude's Children's hospital in Memphis, TN.

- Donate again to the local animal shelter.

- Assist with clearing of property after the building of a Habitat for Humanity home in our neighborhood.

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